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To my Filipino followers, please check this page out, like and share to your friends and family: Estilo Marikina ^^

We manufacture good quality bags in affordable prices! The bags shown above are the bags we have available right now ^^ We’re just starting but I hope you can help me with this ><

After selling these bags, I’ll probably design some bags for different kpop fandoms too so have a look when you have time ^^ Thanks!!

5 perv idiot :)) queens / kings of kpop^^
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and so the bigbang fandom comes alive once again as they grope each other butts on stage

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Original Image

Not sure why I made this.. 

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i present you…… bigassbang



Long time no see - Black - Let’s go

When I fall in love, I’ll be so into it…to the point of losing my reason.


then & now: old habits die hard.

Male Idols cross-dress (Daesung beats them all)


K-pop fans getting excited about their group’s comeback like “omg finally! It’s been 6 months!!” :’)

…And then there’s BIGBANG fans sitting there like “it’s been more than 2 years….” e.e *sees new pics of 2 or more members standing next to each other* *gets super emotional* *goes n plays live version of Haru Haru video* *repeats continuously while singing along* *sobs in a corner*

Reblog if kpop has made you a happier person.

gdyb - vogue

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