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T.O.P x L’Officiel Hommes 

Om g I just finished watching Commitment and I


i cried so hard


how do i look at top w/o tearing up i mean

he’s all over my room too

this is so hard

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The Commitment


Hey everyone, I finally downloaded The Commitment and thought I would share it with you because it took me forever to find!
This is the link to download the torrent for the movie:
And this is the link for the English subtitles that go with it:
You have to have a 4shared account, but I’m pretty sure it’s free.
Anyway, enjoy!

thank you!!!!!!!!!!

TOP, plz (25/???)

TOP discovered a ‘special’ hole while performing ‘bad boy’. After TOP said his goodbye to the fans at the end of Osaka Dome concerthe got under the small hole on the stage but end up getting stuck in there. After trying to get out so many times but failed, the staffs had to help him get out of there.
cr as tagged

top u dont have to be too obvious abt being an alien sobs

T.O.P Singing Ringa Linga
  • T.O.P:
    My name is T to the O to the P
  • Fans:
    Waiting for him to continue
  • T.O.P:
  • T.O.P:
    Tha's it that's my name
Track: Seungri raps TOP's part in Bad Boy
Artist: One of a Kind Concert (Thailand)
Plays: 4093


Seungri rapping TOP's part in Bad Boy  
One of a Kind concert
Thailand (130608)


GDYB during TOP’s rap in Bad Boy 

Have the best one yet ヽ( `∀´ )ノ


TOP’s thoughts about being so damn sexy.



when their hyung changes his clothes too slowly after he’s finished with his solo stage.


Actually he is laughing at Seungri’s shocked expression

and telling it to tabi who mustve not seen it lmao


Note to self: choose the right one to get the most precious reward